An online calendar, developed especially for the music industry

For who?

Bands, musicians, DJ's, choirs, dancers, actors, sound engineers, but above all for bandleaders, booking agents and managers. The software was developed specifically for the online management of options, bookings, rehearsals and availability. It is easy to use with your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

No more confusion about appointments and availability. In our online tool you can connect multiple musicians to a band and the band to a booking agency. The agent has full insight into the availability of a band. The bandleader can simply see all options, bookings and rehearsals and can send messages to inquire which band members are available.

Connect musicians to multiple bands

When musicians perform in multiple bands and band A gets a booking, the date will automatically be blocked for band B as well. The bandleader of band B then automatically knows the availability of the musician and can easily search for a substitute if they get a booking on the same date. GigPlanner creates insight in your planning by giving you overview. You are able to block dates and you can easily share information. You can even log in with your mobile devices to consult the most actual information at any time.

Personalize with custom fields

Make custom fields to customize GigPlanner fully to your preferences. For example a field that is only visible to the bandleader and the sound engineer with technical information. This way GigPlanner stays orderly for other members who don't need this information.

Save a standard line up and create an overview were you can easily see which musician is part of which gig. In the blink of an eye you can see whether everyone has responded.

Calendar feed

Ofcourse there is also a calendar feed that you can connect to your personal online calendar (for example the calendars of Google, Outlook and Apple). You can customize which types of appointments you want to see in your calendar feed.

Invite band members

In just minutes you are able to invite other band members. Start communicating efficiently and start saving time today! After the free trial period of one month a personal account (musician, artist etc.) stays free of charge. A group account where multiple people collaborate costs €12,50 (excl. VAT) per month or €125 (excl. VAT) per year. Are you a booking agent who manages multiple bands? Get in contact with us for a special offer!

Is that it?

No this is only the beginning! We have the ambition to become the most beautiful and smart platform for everyone who has something to do with bookings. We haven't had time yet to create a promotional website, but our online calendar system is fully functional. We also have many expansions planned, for example:

  • Task list per booking
  • Calendar connections to your website and social media
  • Billing and contracting module
  • Calendar module for music teachers

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Questions or in need of help?

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