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Online calendar, CRM & task manager for:

  • Musicians
  • DJ's
  • Bookers
  • Managers
  • Dancers
  • Orchestra

Everyone up to date

Stop searching for that one email, or was it a text message? Manage your schedule in one central hub and automatically inform all members. Save time and co-operate in an efficient manner. From now on, you'll no longer have to create call and data sheets. Contacting people to check their availability lies in the past: GigPlanner will take care of that for you.

Only relevant information

Every inquiry is different. And every group or band member has different information needs. That's why GigPlanner allows you to set up flexible entry fields. The booker sees all booking information, while the sound engineer is able to look into all information regarding the technical setup. This way, everyone is able to view information adapted to their specific needs.

Simplicity rules

Play in 10 different bands, and cooperate with 5 bookers? Are you a bandleader or a booker and are you trying to create an overview of every members availability? Or are you planning a huge tour, trying to book 20 DJ's every single weekend? Don't worry, GigPlanner’s got your back! With GigPlanner, you’ll stay in control the entire time, saving you time and hassle.

An online calendar, task management, contact management and a tour management solution for everyone who deals with bookings. Easy to use on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Not only for bands

Are you a DJ or a sound engineer? Do you dance or perform onstage as an actor? Do you sing in a choir or play in an orchestra? Everyone who deals with rehearsals and bookings knows the challenges that come with managing multiple agendas. Try GigPlanner for free and discover how much time you’ll save with our convenient platform.

Bookers, tour managers, musician and DJ's can also use GigPlanner to plan their tours. Information about time, location, catering, transfers, technical setup and hotels can easily be stored and shared in GigPlanner.

Online calendar

Share all your information with everyone or just with certain people. It's all possible with GigPlanner. An online calendar for musicians and artists.

Calendar syncing

You can easily sync the activities in GigPlanner with the calendar on your computer or phone. This way you always have the latest information wherever you are.

Choose the lineup

Does your lineup frequently change? You can pick your lineup for every activity. Only participating members will see activities in their calendar and receive notifications. You can also invite stand-ins, they will only see the information that's relevant to them.

Lineup approval

If you create an option or booking in GigPlanner, participating members will be asked to approve the activity. In a clear overview, you can see if your lineup is complete.

Tasks and contacts

Create tasks for an activity, assign it to one of the partipants and set a deadline. You can also add contacts to an activity.

Automatic block dates

Session musicians and freelancers who play in multiple groups can automatically share availability information between the groups. When you have an activity with one group, the other group will automatically see a blocked date for this period.


We offer group and agency plans. Both can be paid for a month or a year and are not automatically renewed. You can always upgrade any of the plans.

Group plans

Subscription for a single group. You can invite your group members and work together. You don't need a subscription if the group is part of an agency.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Month Year

GigPlanner Lite

Are you a group with a limited amount of options and bookings? GigPlanner Lite might be right for you.

  • Unlimited group members
  • 5 future bookings
  • 5 future options
  • 5 future rehearsals

5 per month

50 per year

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Does your group have a lot of options and bookings? With an unlimited number of activities, GigPlanner is the plan for you!

  • Unlimited group members
  • Unlimited future bookings
  • Unlimited future options
  • Unlimited future rehearsals

10 per month

100 per year

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Agency plans

Agencies can easily manage multiple groups through one subscription at a reduced price per group. Agents can manage groups on behalf of the agency.

Including temporary 20% discount.

Agency S

  • 10 groups
  • 2 agents

40 per month

400 per year

Agency M

  • 20 groups
  • 5 agents

72 per month

720 per year

Agency L

  • 30 groups
  • 10 agents

96 per month

960 per year

Do you need more groups or is there another reason the existing plans don't work for you? Please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.

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