A new module in GigPlanner: automatic contract module and online document signing.

A module has been added in GigPlanner that combines perfectly with the extra fields. This way you can generate documents such as contracts and confirmations with the ability to sign them online. Want to know how this new module works? We provided all the needed information in this blog.

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GigPlanner iPhone iOS app

One of the most requested features coming from GigPlanner users is the availability of a mobile app. Here it is!

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GigPlanner majorly updated!

GigPlanner is rapidly growing internationally In 2019 we have welcomed bands, musicians, bookers and DJ’s from all over the world! In the meantime, our team has worked on a number of systematic improvements. We have taken a good look at the way our users make use of Gigplanner’s system and have implemented changes accordingly, also taking in mind our own research and user feedback.

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Artist management software

Organise your options and bookings like a pro with artist management software. With GigPlanner.com, you will gain direct insight into all activities for musicians, bandleaders, managers and bookers. Manage your contacts, stay in control of all current and future tasks and create handy overviews.

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Prevent double bookings with automatic block dates

Do you play in multiple bands or collaborate with multiple bookers? Musicians playing in multiple bands and dancers performing with multiple dance groups are able to link the calendars of all these groups.

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Customise Gigplanner for your situation

Customise Gigplanner with extra entry fields. Do you also create call sheets for every gig, in order to provide an overview with all relevant information for all members? And is the information need the same for everyone?

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Transfer GigPlanner data to your own digital calendars with iCal

Transfer GigPlanner data to your own digital calendars with iCal Manage all information regarding a gig in one central location and automatically transfer all data to the digital calendar on your phone or computer.

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GigPlanner.com: our ambition

The team behind Gigplanner exists of people who have extensive experience with the live performance scene and with software development. Fifteen years ago they developed one of the first online calendar systems for bands, called Bandagenda.com.

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