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Customise Gigplanner with extra entry fields. Do you also create call sheets for every gig, in order to provide an overview with all relevant information for all members? And is the information need the same for everyone?

Practically every group consists of multiple members with diverse roles within that group. Each particpating member might have other information needs. Technical information is only relevant for the technician and the manager. And even subjects such as the catering, parking possibilities and the loading and unloading of all gear might differ if you are a musician or a sound engineer.

That’s why Gigplanner allows you to create custom entry fields in every group. You can access these extra entry fields through Groups > Details. You can select which members can see the information entered in that entry field. All members will be shown and are selectable. If you select no members, this will mean that all members will see the information presented in this entry field.

If you create a new activity or modify an existing one, you will notice the extra entry field has been added. This field will not show up in the activity if you leave it empty.

Extra entry fields will not be directly incorporated in your calendar feed on your phone or computer. However, a direct link pointing to the specific activity in Gigplanner will be added to your personal calendar. For more information about this subject, read our blog about iCal.

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