GigPlanner majorly updated!

GigPlanner is rapidly growing internationally In 2019 we have welcomed bands, musicians, bookers and DJ’s from all over the world! In the meantime, our team has worked on a number of systematic improvements. We have taken a good look at the way our users make use of Gigplanner’s system and have implemented changes accordingly, also taking in mind our own research and user feedback.

New interface

All interfaces have been renewed to accommodate a better user experience. We have added more filter settings to the overview. facilitating users who manage multiple agendas, such as bookers and managers. Besides the weekly and monthly calendar screen, we have added a daily overview, making it easier for users who manage many different acts or groups to keep track of all planned activities. We have also renewed the list view, and added this as an option to the calendar. And finally, creating a new activity is now a lot faster.

Search function

We have added a search function, which you can use to rapidly find specific events or contacts. And we have also arranged the daily overview in a more clear manner, providing a better overview of all planned activities. Add titles to your activities It is now possible to add a title to your activities. This way, you have more control over how activities are displayed into your overview, easing the communication surrounding said activities for all involved members of your group.

Extra entry fields

One of the most used functions of GigPlanner are the extra entry fields, allowing you to personalize the way you implement GigPlanner according to your own working habits and needs to store important data. We have now added the possibility to insert a ‘default text’ to the extra entry fields. This will save you some more time and also provides you with some added flexibility. You can find this function by navigating to groups / details / extra entry fields.

Even more news!

With the updates mentioned above, Gigplanner has become more future-proof. Just in time, as we plan to add even more features and functions to our platform over the coming months!

Our starting point for these upcoming changes: providing musicians, dj’s, bookers and managers with quicker insights into the availability of all involved members and easier access to all of the activities’ data. We also aim to further simplify and automate all processes.

More control over applications, options and bookings

One of the upcoming updates is aimed at improving the application process. GigPlanner will help you to easily register new applications into the system, keep a clear overview, schedule tasks and automate quotations and contracts. This includes the addition of more CRM possibilities, the automation of pre-production and advancing for agencies. We will share more on this subject soon.

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