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One of the most requested features coming from GigPlanner users is the availability of a mobile app. Here it is!

GigPlanner was already developed in a way that allows its core to function well on every device (smartphone, tablet and desktop). However, implementing certain functionalities is only possible within a native app. The most important addition to our fresh GigPlanner app is the possibility of directly checking everyone's availability. After a new option or booking is added, a push notification is sent to all band members, allowing them to state their availability. This way, the availability of all members is clear within a shorter time frame.

About 85% of GigPlanner users possesses an iPhone. Therefore, we decided to first develop our app for iOS. Android users will require a bit more patience for now, and can make use of the webapp of GigPlanner in the meantime.

Quick, simple and always within reach

The GigPlanner app provides you with an easy overview of all your options and bookings. With the app, you’ll always have access to the most recent information of each activity.


In the dashboard you will be able to view incomplete tasks, pending requests (availability notifications to respond to), the latest updates and upcoming activities. Of course you can also directly navigate to all of these elements to learn more about the details.

Activity overview

All your activities in a handy overview. Is your agenda stuffed with lots of activities, for example because you’re connected to several groups in GigPlanner? Then you can easily filter your activities by types, groups or time periods. And from the activity overview, you can directly access all details of specific activities.

You can add activities by selecting the + (plus sign) in the upper right section of the activity screen. Within the app you can also choose to inform all group members right away, with the option to directly request their availability. All members using the app will receive a push notification on their smartphone, enabling them to respond whether they are available or not at the scheduled moment.

Activity details

Just like within the GigPlanner platform, you will be able to access all details of an activity within the app. Dates, times, descriptions and a map linking to your Maps-app are all directly available. Even the extra entry fields you may have added to display custom information in GigPlanner are displayed within the app.

So, are you available or not?

It might well be the most requested feature for GigPlanner: a way to easily check the availability of each member. Therefore, we decided to implement this as a feature into our app straight away! When the band leader creates a new activity within Gigplanner, a push notification is sent to all users in an instant. All app users are then able to communicate their availability. This way, the band leader can reply to new options and bookings without delays.

Add new activities on the go

Received a new option or booking whilst being on the road? No problem! Using the app, you can easily add the new activity to GigPlanner. All members will receive a push notification right after, allowing them to directly share their availability.

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