A new module in GigPlanner: automatic contract module and online document signing.

A module has been added in GigPlanner that combines perfectly with the extra fields. This way you can generate documents such as contracts and confirmations with the ability to sign them online. Want to know how this new module works? We provided all the needed information in this blog.

GigPlanner ensures time saving and an easy way to communicate with artists. A major improvement has been made with the new document module. This module provides an option where all the specific information will be filled in automatically. The receiver of the document can read the document and the appendix, but also sign it online. This way GigPlanner saves you even more time and creates a better overview for your documents. Ideal, right?

How it works.

As an artist or manager you send a lot of quotations, confirmations and contracts. Now you can use often sent documents as a template in GigPlanner. Information such as the name, address, location and time are filled in automatically. Through the GigPlanner platform an email shall be sent to the receiver. This way they can read the document and sign it online. The signed version will be saved automatically in the destined activity.


Appendixes such as terms and conditions or a technical rider can be added to the document or template. These will be sent automatically to the receiver. This information always ends up with the receiver and these are a part of the agreement, if necessary.

Combine it with extra fields

GigPlanner is one of the most flexible booking software available on the market. With extra fields you can fully tune GigPlanner to your situation or workflow. You can also add the information from the added fields to your documents. For example gage, technical information, information on facilities and other details relevant to the booking.


Making quotations and contracts takes a lot of time. But… GigPlanner creates templates from often used document types. You can save these in your personal library. How this works? While creating a new document you can choose the desired template en GigPlanner will automatically add the information of the booking.

Digital signature

When you are ready to send the document you have an option to get it signed by the receiver. Very useful if you use contracts. However, it is not always necessary, especially if you only want to send extra information or a confirmation. The receiver can add their signature digitally. No printing or scanning needed.

Available for free… for now!

All users of GigPlanner can try the new module for free! Later this year a pro version will be available with more modules to make your work even more convenient. The complete module will be a part of this pro version.

How to use it:

Step 1: First you create the templates you want to use. After this you can generate documents in a certain activity. Step 2: From the specific activity you can add the needed information (date, time, location and client). Step 3: Click ‘Create New Document’. Here you can see all the available templates. Step 4: Select the client and the desired template. After this you will be able to see the conceptversion on your screen. Make sure you do a final check and adjust anything if necessary or save the document to continue.
Step 5: Click ‘Send’.

Within a few minutes the receiver can view and confirm the document online. Both parties shall receive an email containing the signed version in a PDF format. In the meanwhile you can continue with your next booking!

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