Prevent double bookings with automatic block dates

Do you play in multiple bands or collaborate with multiple bookers? Musicians playing in multiple bands and dancers performing with multiple dance groups are able to link the calendars of all these groups.

This way, the availability data of all group members are visible in just one calendar. This calendar can also be transferred to everyone's own digital agenda on their phone or computer, by using iCal.

When you are performing with multiple groups and have an option or booking with one group, GigPlanner will automatically add a blocked date in your calendar. This will be displayed to all other groups you are performing with. Your calendar will display ‘booked (option/booking)’, along with the name of the group. Members of other groups will not be able to view any additional details.

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Gigplanner is free for group members

Have you been added to a GigPlanner account? This comes with no additional costs. In GigPlanner, you will just pay as a group. Do you perform in multiple groups? Then we will gladly offer you a discount code, so you can also add this group to GigPlanner for an attractive price. That way, you will have all data available in one system, offering the managers of these groups full insight into the availability of all members.

Does your group work for multiple bookers or agencies?

Then you are able to provide access to GigPlanner for these bookers. As the manager of the GigPlanner account, you are able to select if someone is able to view and adjust only the activities he/she is associated with, or view and adjust all activities within the account. This is the same for the feature of adding bookings and options. You can determine if someone can add bookings and options or is only allowed to view them. When working with multiple bookers, you can set up Gigplanner in such a manner that each booker is only allowed to view the activities they are directly associated with. There is also a GigPlanner Agency module: Artist Management Software

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