Artist management software

Organise your options and bookings like a pro with artist management software. With, you will gain direct insight into all activities for musicians, bandleaders, managers and bookers. Manage your contacts, stay in control of all current and future tasks and create handy overviews.

Create custom call sheets

By default, all activities will provide you with entry fields for time and location (with Google Maps integration), along with room for a description and the possibility to save the lineup. In GigPlanner it is also possible to add extra entry fields to your activities. That way, you are able to fully customise GigPlanner to your specific needs. For each entry field, you can select which members are able to view the information. With these functionalities you are able to create a fully customised call sheet.

Work together within a user-friendly online environment

Forget searching through your mails and messages, looking for the latest updates. By storing all relevant information in GigPlanner, all participating members will be automatically notified, granting 24/7 access to the most recent information. GigPlanner is also able to automatically transfer all options and bookings to your personal calendars on your phone or computer.

Bandleaders and artist managers: save time with management software

When a new request comes in, you will have immediate insight into the availability of the group, along with the possibility to directly verify this with all group members. Do you manage multiple groups, bands or performers? GigPlanner allows you to add musicians to specific groups, and in turn these groups can be assigned to managers.

New: Gigplanner Agency for managers and bookers

GigPlanner developed a special Agency module for artist management agencies. Bookers are able to add an infinite amount of bands and artists. In a user-friendly system you can manage options, bookings, contacts and tasks. At the start of 2019, we will add a new module to the Agency module, allowing you to easily create contracts and quotations. If you are interested in our Agency module, contact us or start a free trail.

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