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The team behind Gigplanner exists of people who have extensive experience with the live performance scene and with software development. Fifteen years ago they developed one of the first online calendar systems for bands, called

With their experience carried over from Bandagenda, knowledge of the live performance industry and 20 years of experience developing software for businesses, a new platform has seen the light of day:

Within the market for software catered to artists and bands, the emphasis lies mostly on software solutions for (large) artist agencies.

The ambition of Gigplanner is to provide a useful platform for artists, musicians, bandleaders, DJ’s ánd bookers. Easy to use, while simultaneously providing clever solutions and functionalities ‘behind the scenes’. Large companies often automate all activities that take up unnecessary amounts of time in order to create an efficient process. Gigplanner plans to do the same for everyone who has to deal with options and bookings. By automating all your time consuming activities we aim to clear more of your schedule for the fun side of the business, allowing you to put in more time into the fun, creative aspects.

Everyone up to date

At the beginning of january 2019 the moment finally arrived: Gigplanner was launched! Prior to the launch we already established a solid foundation: our platform has been extensively tested for a period of 6 months, by around 200 bands, artists and bookers from all over the world! At the time of release, we focus on the bandleaders. How do they organise a band with an ever-changing lineup and how do they manage musicians who play in multiple bands? And how do they avoid the uncertainty surrounding the availability of these band members, while simultaneously having to deal with many different forms of communication?

Bandleaders often spend hours sending emails and text messages, while also fabricating Excel sheets and Word documents in order to create some kind of order out of chaos. This not only applies to bands but is also often the case for DJ’s, orchestras, choirs, dance groups, drama groups; in short, everyone who has to deal with options and bookings. With Gigplanner, everyone involved will always be up to date, without ever needing a complex mix of communication tools.

All members will be automatically provided with the most up-to-date information regarding all options and bookings.

Management software for bookers and managers

Bookers and managers who work together with multiple acts or bands can also save a lot of time with Gigplanner artist management software. By entering or editing information in one central location, all members will be automatically informed or will receive an invitation which they can confirm or decline. That way, you will have insight into all relevant data and everyone's availability, 24/7.

You don't need callsheets anymore with

Gigplanner: more than just an online calendar

Many artists work with callsheets, providing an overview of all data for a booking. In Gigplanner, you can adjust the workspace to completely match with your preferred method of working, by implementing additional entry fields where you can decide which members are allowed to view these specific bits of information. For more information, read our blog about additional entry fields, where we will further explore this functionality.

Automatic connection with your digital calendars

Data entered in Gigplanner can be automatically transferred to your own digital calendar, e.g. your Google, Outlook or iPhone calendar. Read our blog Synchronise with digital calendars for more information.

Tasks, contacts and contracts

In Gigplanner you are able to add tasks and contacts for each activity. After the coming update (expected around Q2 2019), it will also be possible to generate contracts and having them approved online with the single press of a button.

Read more about the GigPlanner booking software

As you can read, we have got plenty of ambition over here at Gigplanner. At the moment, we have established a roadmap with future functionalities to add. In the feature, you can expect multiple updates over time, carrying these new functionalities. Are there certain aspects of your work which still take up significant amounts of time? And do you think there is some way Gigplanner will be able to assist you with this? We would love to help! If these new functionalities might be helpful for plenty of our users, we will research if we can further develop our platform to line up with our mission: Simplifying the task of organising and managing a diverse group of creatives on a daily basis.

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